Record new medias directly in your Wistia account.

Recording a Media

The Record functionality is available on our Plus, Pro, Advanced, and Premium plans! You can create a new recording by selecting “Record” in the left hand side menu of the All Content page and clicking “Start Recording.”

You’ll then be prompted to adjust your audio and video settings before starting your recording. Select your camera or screen, microphone, and speakers, then click “Start Recording.”

While you can record without a video source, audio-only files cannot be edited at this time.

Face a window and prop that laptop on a stack of books for great lighting and framing.
We don’t currently offer the ability to record your camera and screen simultaneously, but stay tuned!

A three second countdown will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen before recording begins. You can pause your recording at any time by clicking on the pause icon at the bottom right of your screen. Simply click continue to pick up where you left off.

The maximum duration of a recording is 15 minutes.

When you’re finished recording, click on the stop icon to end your session. You’ll have a chance to review your media, record another take, or save it to your Wistia account.

Saved recordings are stored in your account as drafts and do not count against your media limits until they are moved to a project. You can access your drafts by selecting “Record” in the left hand side menu of the All Content page. Select a recording to edit it and move it to a project, or click the three dot icon to download it, move it to a project, create a copy, or delete it.

Make sure you’re certain about deleting your recording. This cannot be undone.

And that’s it! You’ve just finished a recording in Wistia.