Want to make a nice-looking video to send to a client? Maybe you need to record a presentation for your manager? Whatever it is, Soapbox lets you create, edit, and share videos in just minutes! If you don’t have a professional studio, that is no problem at all - you just need the Soapbox Chrome Extension, a webcam, and some lines. Ready, set, record!

You can share your webcam, your screen, or you can choose to go split-screen and share both. You’ll have the chance to make these edits as soon as you’re done recording and you’re ready to customize! Trim your video, set the player color, and add a thumbnail (or maybe even a video thumbnail with some fancy text overlay). Once you’re done, you can export your Soapbox video to your Wistia account, share the Soapbox URL for it, copy the link and thumbnail, or download it and share it anywhere you’d like. Check out this page to learn all about sharing your Soapbox videos.

If you share your Soapbox URL, you’ll be able to get those sweet sweet Soapbox stats so that you can monitor engagement. You can see the percentage of your video that has been watched, as well as the conversion rate if you’ve added a Call to Action. You can also see these stats for all of the videos in your account - the percentage of videos that have been watched, and the average engagement and conversion rates.

If you’re looking to create a great video by yourself that is easy to edit and share, Soapbox is definitely the right match for you! Take a look at the articles in this section to learn everything you need to know about recording and sharing with Soapbox.