Upload Troubleshooting

This doc provides a number of steps to try if you're having issues getting your media uploaded to Wistia.

Media not uploading? Bummer! There’s a quick checklist we like to run through if you’re experiencing uploading issues.

Clear your Cache

First, clear your browser’s cache. It seems silly, but it’s saved us in a number of tough situations, so we always recommend it to start. The cache (or temporary internet files) can be cleared in the following locations:

  • Chrome Chrome — > Clear Browsing Data or History — > Show Full History — > Clear Browsing Data … 
  • Safari Preferences — > Privacy — > Remove All Browsing Data
  • Firefox History — > Clear recent history
  • Internet Explorer Tools — > Internet Options — > Browsing History

Update Your Browser

Next, make sure your browser is up-to-date. Again, this might seem a bit trivial, but since we use an HTML5 uploader, we want to make sure you can access the good stuff. Check your browser’s status here.

Try the Backup Uploader

Third, try the backup uploader. (Just a heads up, this upload process doesn’t show a progress bar.)

The Backup Uploader can be accessed by adding ?backup_uploader to a project URL.

So from a folder URL like https://support.wistia.com/folders/qdybaq78y0, you’d navigate to https://support.wistia.com/folders/qdybaq78y0?backup_uploader to get to the backup uploader.

From there just select Upload within your folder, and you’re good to go!

Reset Your Internet Connection

Finally, try resetting your internet connection. Some say it’s the oldest trick in the book, but when it comes to connection issues it can be a lifesaver. Try resetting your router and making sure you have a secure connection; a shaky connection can be a nightmare when trying to upload (especially for larger files).

Export Settings and HandBrake

If you’re still unable to upload a video, check out our Optimal Export Settings, and make sure your file is within our suggestions.

Wistia plays best with MP4 files with an h.264 codec, a bitrate between 5,000–10,000 kbps, and a maximum file size of 8 GB. If your file doesn’t fit within these guidelines, try running the file through HandBrake (a free transcoding software) to see if that resolves the problem. Check out our suggested HandBrake settings.

Still struggling? Bummer! Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to dive in deeper with you.

To expedite the support process, please send along the file that’s giving you trouble via DropBox, Google Drive, or another file sharing system.