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Wistia and Social Sharing

Social Media can drive some serious ROI if done right. Vehicles like Facebook and Twitter can be used to spread a business message effectively, especially if delivered in an easy to consume and share way. The best way to do that is with video - it's perfect for social media attention spans, so it tends to 'travel' better than blocks of text.

Now that you've got your video uploaded to Wistia, how do you share it and track the performance on Social Media sites? This tutorial will help. The two services we're focused on here are Facebook and Twitter.


Twitter is, frankly, the bee's knees. We've developed a bunch of cool functionality around Twitter, like our Twitter Follow Lab and Sharing to Twitter functionality. Read more about that and more on the Twitter Integration page.



Unfortunately, many of the features of Customize (such as Turnstile, Call to Action, and Captions) do not work inline in Facebook.

Facebook embeds show up right in your news feed. Your followers can click to play the video in the feed, or click through the link to watch the video in your Wistia account.

First, open the media in your account and make sure it has a description! If it doesn't currently have a description, hover under the title and select Add a Description to get started.

Select Embed & Share under the Video Actions menu. In the Embed & Share window, select the Social Sharing option at the top.

Copy the URL from the Link box, and enter it in Facebook's Status Update. The video thumbnail and description will be pulled in and ready to share!

Once you share the update, viewers can watch the video inline in the Facebook news feed.


Wistia videos won't play inline in the Facebook mobile app; they'll open in a web page in a new panel.

Posting to Facebook from your website


Be aware, this is technical territory!

Maybe you want to post to Facebook, but you want it to point back to your website? If so, you can use the OpenGraph tags we produce for 'public' videos to accomplish this. Facebook uses the OpenGraph tags to specify which media/content from the website should be posted.

To do this, first embed the video on your website. Make sure your Project is unlocked, and add a description (descriptions are covered in the video above).

View the source on the media page, and look for all of the tags of the form

<meta content="..." property='og:xxxxxx'> (there should be ~8 of these tags)

Here's a screenshot:

These are the OpenGraph tags we have created for your video. You will need to change the og:url tag to be the URL of the page where you have embedded the video (and are putting the OpenGraph tags).

Add these to the head of your website, and then share the URL of that page on Facebook.

You're good to go!