Wistia Channels

Share all of the videos within a project using a single embed code.

Channels are a great way to customize and share all of the videos in a project, using just one embed code. If you’ve already embedded a channel you created, you can still update the content, even after you’ve embedded it! Whether adding or removing videos, if your channel is in the wild and you update the project you created it with, the channel will update as well. Pretty cool, right? We think so! Now, let’s get down to business.

Channels and Projects

When you set up a channel, you can publish videos from any projects within your Wistia account into the channel that you’re creating. The order in which the videos play in a channel will reflect their order in the project you create the channel from, as well as the sections a project is divided into. Once you choose to create a channel from a project, you’ll then notice a Channel tag beneath the title to note that it has been converted into a channel.

In wide layouts on both mobile and desktop, each section in a channel displays a horizontal row of its videos, and in narrow layouts, each section displays vertically.

This is how a channel will look in wide layouts:

And this is how it will look in narrow layouts:

If you add videos to the project, or remove some, and you have already embedded a channel, these changes will automatically update, so there’s no need to re-embed! If you edit the title of a video, add a section, remove a section - you guessed it, the channel will update automatically.

Channels are made from projects, and not sections of projects or specific videos within projects. Our Move & Copy feature might be helpful if you find yourself needing to organize projects, but not wanting to disrupt a channel that you’ve embedded.

Want to see an example of a channel? Check it out over on our blog! And here’s what that code looks like:

<script src="https://fast.wistia.com/assets/external/channel.js" async></script><div class="wistia_channel wistia_async_v1szg2qbpn mode=inline" style="position:relative;width:100%;"></div>

Creating a Video Channel

There are two ways to create a channel. You can head to the project you’d like to create the channel from and select Create Channel, or you can select Create on the All Content page, which will then give you the option to create a channel.

Once you select Edit/Preview Channel, you’ll be taken to a channel building page where you can customize it and share!

When a project has been turned into a Channel, the following items will be added on the “Manage” page:

  • A “Channel” tag will be added to the top of the page.
  • The Context Menu will update to include additional options, such as Promote or View Subscribers. These will be under the “Channel Actions” section.
  • Each media in the channel will display its publish status (Published, Scheduled, or Unpublished).
If you have a project with many medias, making it into a Channel will automatically publish all of them.

Customizing Your Channel

A channel includes all of the videos in a project, in the same order as they are listed within that project. Once you select to view your channel, you can add some customizations before grabbing the embed code or public URL.


Give your Channel a title and catch the attention of your audience! Right beneath the title, you can also add details to give a brief overview of what your Channel is about.

Customize your Channel further by adding a logo. Once a logo is uploaded, you’ll have the option to customize its size, and can choose to display your logo in the place of the title instead.

Your logo will also be used in emails to subscribers. For best results, we recommend uploading a high resolution .png file, up to 960x400.


You can upload a new image or use a video to be set as the background. If you decide to use a video, then the video can come from any project within your Wistia account!

The background will default to the thumbnail of the first video in the channel before customizing.
When uploading a new image, keep in mind that 1920x1080 looks best!

Now you’ll want to think about the background color and choose between a Dark or Light background. Dark mode makes the background of the channel black, while Light mode, you guessed it, makes the background white!



In the mood to change things up? Channels allow you to choose from 25 fonts to display on your videos. After finding the perfect font, you can customize the size of it, which will affect your Channel title, Channel description, and Video names.

You can also choose to display the font you use across your website! Check out our developer documentation to learn how to match the font on your channel to the one shown on your site.


You can adjust the alignment of your Channel title and description to either Left aligned or Centered.

If you think setting left aligned will move your text and logo to the left of the page, then you’re exactly right! This will give your Channel the look and feel for more of a “branded-content” design.

Centered will have your text and logo to display centered over the Channel background. This will help keep your information displayed prominently if you want your viewers focused on reading your descriptions.

Want to update the player colors just for the channel? No problem! Select any color you’d like and this will be reflected in the button color on your videos.

Media Descriptions

Media descriptions from media pages in Wistia will also carry over to your channel. Any Markdown styling used in your media descriptions will be reflected in your channel descriptions as well. Unique to channels is that, if there is a block quote in a description, this will take on the player color of your channel.

For more details on how to use Markdown styling in media descriptions, head on over here!

Publishing Videos to a Channel

Videos can be published from the Manage page for a Channel as well as the Media page. After a Project has been converted in a Channel, a media’s publish status will be displayed on the Manage page.

A media for a Channel can be in one of three states. Published, Scheduled, Unpublished:

If you click on the status label, you’ll be taken directly to the Publish page for that media. On the Publish page, you’ll see a few different options to publish a video to a Channel.

  • Publish a video immediately
  • Schedule a video to be published at a later date/time
  • Medias can be scheduled to publish in 30min increments (e.g 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, etc)
  • Un-publish a video that was previously published
  • Include an email notification to Channel Subscribers when a video is published

As a heads up, only the account owner can access the email settings page. In order to set up publishing your video to a channel & sending out notifications to customers, the account owner will need to go to the email settings page and set up the email address we send Subscriber emails from. If managers or admins try to access the above page, they will be sent back to the All Content page.


You can select any video within your Wistia account to display as the trailer for your Channel, even if that video is not part of the Channel/project! When you have a trailer selected, this will turn your “Start watching” button to “Watch Trailer” instead.


This allows you to choose between two different layout options for your channel.

The Carousel shows sections of videos within a single row, such that you can scroll through to see all of the videos in the section.

The Grid shows all thumbnails in a section at once, in a grid format.


The sections that you create on your project page will be reflected in your Channel as well.

Even if your sections are collapsed on your project page, they will still appear in your Channel - collapsing them will not affect how they display in your Channel.

In your Channel, the videos in your sections will appear according to the layout you have chosen.

With Carousel, videos will appear in a single row for each section, and you can scroll through each row to see all of them.

With Grid, as you scroll down through the Channel, you’ll see all of your videos laid out in a grid format for each section.

Sections are a great way to organize both your Projects and Channels. You can separate your content out into specific categories, and provide a clean and simple way to help your viewers find what they’re looking for! For a bit more information on creating Projects and organizing your content with Sections, head on over to our page on Managing Files in your Wistia Account.


You can enable the Subscribe feature so that your viewers can fill out a form (much like our Turnstiles) to receive email updates when you add new content to your Channel.

To add a subscribe form to a Channel, users can navigate to a Channel and select the Show Subscribe button option in the Subscribers section of the Edit tab for your channel.

Once this option has been selected, the preview on the right will display a Subscribe form. The following options can be configured for the form.

  • Ask for First and Last Name or just ask for email address
  • Customize upper or lower text on the form
  • Select a list to sync Subscribers to if you have an email marketing or marketing automation integration connected

Want to find additional information on the Subscribe functionality? Head over to our Subscribe Page here!

Sharing Your Channel

Done customizing your channel? Ready to share that beautiful piece of work? Head on over to the Share tab, and show that masterpiece to the world!

There are a few different ways to share your channel. If you have embedding enabled, there are three embed codes that you can choose from:

  • Embed code
  • Inline embed code
  • Popover embed code

Either embed code type (inline or popover) can be responsive or fixed size. For everything to know about embedding a channel, check out our Channel Embeds page in our Help Center.

If embedding isn’t enabled in your account, you’ll have the option to share your channel via a Public URL. If you want to embed your channel elsewhere, take a look at our Plans Page here for more information!

Do you use a marketing automation platform such as HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot? If you use one of these platforms and would like channel viewing information and form entries to work with your integration, you will need to embed your channel on a webpage, rather than use the Public URL. This is because there is no way to add tracking scripts from within Wistia, and the channel will need to be on a webpage with a tracking script from your marketing automation platform in order for viewing information and form entries to pass through.

Undo Channel

To undo a Channel, head into that Channel within Wistia. You’ll see the option to undo the Channel at the very bottom of the options list on the page. Please note, don’t use “Delete Project” as that will remove the entire project from your account, look further down on the list for “Undo Channel.”

Undoing a channel reverts the channel back to a project. Once done, any channel that has been embedded on a webpage will no longer work. If you have shared out the Public URL, this will no longer function as well.