Basic Experience Testing
and Product User Group

What's a Betapug?

Betapug stands for "Basic Experience Testing And Product User Group." It’s a group of Wistia users who want to be on the brink of the latest and greatest Wistia updates and contribute feedback.

What kind of feedback?

Betapugs represent the opinions and needs of our users to our whole team: engineers, designers, marketers, and customer champions. Our research spans everything from beta-release product features to phone interviews and questionnaires.

What makes a great Betapug?

The best of the best are those who can articulate feedback with ease, work with features that have the chance of breaking or being downright confusing, and use Wistia almost every day.

Want to be a Betapug?

Just answer a few questions below to help us get a sense of how you use Wistia, and we’ll get in touch!

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