Video embedding

Embed lightweight, SEO-friendly videos on your site

With Wistia’s flexible embedding options, your videos will look great no matter where they’re published. They’ll even get some SEO love, too.

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One simple code, so many ways to embed

Whatever look you’re going for, there’s an embed code for that.

Video software UI showing an embed code over a video player

In-line vs. pop-over

An inline embed puts a video player exactly where you want it. With a popover embed, your player pops up when your audience follows a text link or thumbnail. Easy choices, big impact!

Video software UI showing a webpage with three videos

Video galleries

We call ‘em Wistia Channels. With one simple embed code, you get a snazzy, customizable page for a whole collection of videos—no coding necessary.

Video software UI showing a live webinar embedded onto a webpage

Live virtual events

With Wistia Live, you can embed webinars and live events on your site and stream them to your social channels. That means more eyeballs on your content.

Video software UI showing a customizable podcast player with a color picker and a logo uploader

Audio files, welcome

Don't stop at videos—embed audio in a snap! Share podcast episodes and audio files using the same customizable player for a super-polished experience.

Give your videos a glow-up

Our customizable, responsive player takes your videos from drab to fab, no matter where they’re embedded.

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Video software UI showing a color picker on a customizable video player

Completely customizable

Pick colors and controls. Even round your player's corners so your videos have a slick, modern feel.

Image of a hand holding a phone with the screen showing a video player embedded on a mobile webpage

As responsive as you want

Wistia embeds are automatically responsive, but if you want your video to play in a fixed size, all you have to do is set the dimensions.

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Impressive under-the-hood performance

Because the stuff you don’t see matters just as much as the stuff you do.

Lighten your load time

When you embed your videos, Wistia makes sure they play fast by loading video elements and SEO data in the background.

Seamlessly update videos

Revise your video without having to re-embed it. And don’t worry—you won’t lose any analytics.

SEO’s on us

Our embeds automatically sprinkle in some JSON+LD magic to supercharge your videos for search.

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