Video Embedding

Embed responsive, lightweight, and SEO-friendly videos on your site

With Wistia, your video embeds will load fast and fit seamlessly into your website design. Plus, you’ll improve your overall video SEO in the process

Create video embed codes faster than you can say “embed codes”

Once you’ve uploaded and customized a video in Wistia, you’re ready to embed it on your site! Simply choose your embed code type, and we’ll generate the code for you. Then, with an easy copy + paste, voila! You have an embedded and custom video player right on your site.

Lighten your load time

Wistia’s standard video embeds load asynchronously. That means when your page is loading, the video player — and all of your video’s SEO metadata — loads quietly in the background without slowing down your site.

Use easy video embeds to display Channels on your site just the way you like

With just a single embed code, you can take all of the videos in a Project and turn them into an engaging, binge-worthy Channel that lives right on your site. Plus, any changes you make will automatically be reflected without the embed code needing to be replaced.


Your audience will click a single image or video to launch your Channel full screen.


Your audience will see your entire Channel in line with the rest of your content.

Responsive or fixed

You decide whether your video is responsive or fixed on your site.

Enjoy automatic search engine optimization

All of our embeds automatically inject metadata via JSON+LD onto your website, optimizing your videos for search.

Fit your videos seamlessly into your website design

Embed a video inline with our standard embed or fallback iframe code, or make your videos “pop over” the page.

Customize your video without replacing the embed code

Make changes to your video, trim your video, and more without having to replace the embed code, and choose if you want a responsive or fixed embed.

Easily add an oEmbed

If your website is hosted on WordPress, you can set any video embed code to be an oEmbed by simply checking a box.

Embedding your first video is super simple!