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We’re talkin’ top-notch video playback, super detailed video analytics, and powerful tools to organize and share your videos.

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Always on brand

Show off your videos in a way that’s unmistakably you.

Customizable player

No one knows your audience like you do. That’s why we give you complete control of their viewing experience. Change your player's logo, thumbnail, or color. You can even round your player's corners in seconds.

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Video galleries

Take any collection of videos to the next level with a Wistia Channel, a video gallery you can tailor to your brand without touching a single line of code.

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Easy embedding

We’ll automatically generate the embed code. All you have to do is copy and paste it onto your web page for a super fast and responsive video exactly where you want it.

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High-performance hosting

If your business relies on video, you can rely on Wistia.

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Completely ad-free

Videos hosted with Wistia are 100% ad-free, keeping your viewers’ attention on what matters most: your content.

Quality playback

Give your viewers content that plays perfectly every time with global delivery, adaptive streaming, a responsive player, and 4K support.

Easy-breezy content management

Toss all your videos into Wistia and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Getting all your videos into Wistia is a breeze. Just drag and drop files from your hard drive or connect Wistia to YouTube, Zoom, and Descript to import your videos from those platforms.


We’ve got everything you need to keep your video library in tip-top shape. Create folders that work for your team. Add custom tags to make finding your videos faster. You can even archive old videos without losing their performance metrics.


Find what you’re looking for a whole lot faster with our type-ahead search. We pull from your video titles and the content itself to deliver the best results. Dig in further with filters like tags, duration, creation date, and more.


Whether it’s a single video or an entire folder’s worth of content, password protection lets you control who sees what. And with customizable user permissions, you decide who can access and edit your video library.

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Analytics built for action

Track performance, optimize your video creative, and drive real results. Plus, integrate Wistia with marketing tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Pardot to supercharge your overall marketing strategy.

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Hooked on Wistia for all the right reasons

The dependable player, customizable interface, and data-rich analytics provided by Wistia go beyond conventional metrics, offering valuable insights into viewer engagement. This depth of understanding helps us fine-tune our content strategy, allowing us to craft a more immersive and captivating experience that fosters a deeper connection between our audience and the world of fishing.

Marko Novakovic Head of Creative at FishingBooker

Video management made easy!

Thanks to Wistia, anyone on the Explainly team can easily upload, organize, and showcase our entire portfolio of videos to prospective clients in a sleek and searchable video gallery. For both our internal team and external clients, Wistia's intuitive interface ensures effortless navigation and quick access to all our content.

Scarlett Bush Director of Operations at Explainly

The best video marketing platform

Wistia is simple to use, highly customizable, and lightning fast. The analytics capabilities within the tool are really well built. I have used a couple of competitors in the past that weren’t nearly as streamlined and easy to use as Wistia!

Jake Matulewicz Director of Marketing & Customer Experience at Symmons Industries

Elevated video marketing strategy made simple

Wistia has found the perfect balance for a video hosting platform: It’s simple to use with the analytics we need to make our videos more effective. We now use it for everything: lead capture for marketing videos, chaptered long-form webinars, internal documentation—the works. It’s my favorite platform in our marketing stack.

M. Tre Gonzalez Director of Growth at OnCourse Systems for Education

Frequently asked questions

Get all the As to your FAQs.

  • What is the best video hosting platform for me, Wistia or YouTube?

    That depends on what you’re looking for. Wistia is great for converting viewers to customers and controlling how your videos look and feel, while YouTube helps you maximize your videos’ reach. We recommend using both as part of your video marketing strategy. In fact, you can import YouTube videos into Wistia, and publish videos to YouTube right from Wistia.

  • Where can I host videos for free?

    You can host up to 10 videos for free right here on Wistia. We’ll provide a customizable player, integrations with your social media accounts for quick posting, and video analytics to help you measure performance.

  • What is video hosting?

    Video hosting is when you upload video files to a platform so that people can watch them online. With Wistia, you can do just that. When you upload videos to Wistia, you can customize the video player to match your brand, easily embed them on your website, and use the privacy settings to control who’s able to watch them. You can even optimize your video’s performance with access to analytics, video A/B testing, and integrations with your marketing automation platform.

  • What’s the difference between paid and free video hosting with Wistia?

    Get a quick overview of our free and paid plans:

    • Wistia’s Free Plan lets you host up to ten videos, customize the video player to match your brand, integrate with your social media accounts for quick posting, and measure the impact of your videos with basic video analytics.
    • Wistia’s Plus Plan ($19/mo) helps you capture leads with in-video forms, integrate your video library with your email marketing platform, and do basic video editing to get more out of your videos.
    • Wistia’s Pro Plan ($79/mo) offers video heatmaps, the ability to A/B test with video, and customizable in-video CTAs that drive your audience where you want them to go next.
    • Wistia’s Advanced Plan ($319/mo) helps you host super engaging webinars and live events and lets you integrate Wistia with your marketing automation platform (HubSpot, Marketo Engage, or Pardot). You can also create unlimited Wistia Channels, which are customizable video galleries that look great and perfectly match your brand.
  • How do I host a video online?

    Just create an account with us! Then upload your video with a quick drag and drop or import videos from other tools like Zoom or YouTube. Haven’t made a video yet? No prob. With Wistia, you can create videos with our handy dandy video recorder.

  • Is it better to host my own videos or use a video hosting site?

    It’s a whole lot easier to use a video hosting site like Wistia. Hosting your own videos requires a ton of server bandwidth. You’ll also have to deal with file size limits, storage space, slow load times, not-so-great video quality, possible piracy, manual coding, and video conversion for mobile—phew, what a mouthful. But you’re in luck, because Wistia handles all of that for you.

  • What is an online video platform?

    We think of it as a website that lets you upload, host, and watch videos. With Wistia, you can do that and more. We’ll help you record and edit your own videos, host a webinar, organize your video library, build branded video galleries for all your content, optimize your videos for search, customize your video player, and measure the impact of your videos with top-notch analytics.

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