Turn your site into a video destination with Wistia Channels

Embed your videos in a binge-watchable format that encourages viewers to spend more time with your brand.

Stop your viewers from getting distracted

Unlike other video platforms, all of the content on the Wistia Channel is your own. You don’t have to worry about your audience getting annoyed by ads, distracted by unrelated content (looking at you, cat videos), or drawn away to competitor sites.

Engage your audience with TV-quality experiences they know and love

Help them watch more with “Up Next”

Just like with other streaming services, the next video in your Channel will begin to automatically play.

Give a sneak peek with a trailer

Select any video in your Wistia account to display as a trailer for your Channel and we’ll add a “Watch trailer” CTA.

Collect email addresses right from your Channel and send notifications to keep your viewers coming back for more

When you gather subscribers from your Channel, you own that data and can notify your lists every time a new video’s ready.

You can easily sync your subscribers to your marketing automation platform or CRM for better lead tracking.

Schedule email notifications when new videos are published, without having to involve your entire team (unless you want to).

Jazz things up with Channel customizations

Add your own branding

Add your own logo, choose an alignment, pick a font, and customize the player colors to match your brand.

Pick light or dark mode

Choose light or dark mode and change the background of your Channel to be white or black.

Upload a custom background

Upload your own banner that will display on the top of the page with a static image or looping video.

Choose your content layout

Organize your content with Sections and display your Channel in a carousel or grid layout.

Easily embed your Channel, without additional development resources

It’s super simple to embed a Channel. Simply copy and paste the embed code to display it as a Popover or an Inline embed. Plus, any changes you make to your Channel will automatically be reflected, without replacing the embed code.

Drive more traffic to your site with SEO-optimized pages for each video

Wistia Channels optimize your videos for search (with a unique page for each embedded video with markup injected via JSON+LD and captions included on the page), which can help send more traffic to your website — rather than sites like YouTube.

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