Video Analytics

Inform your marketing strategy with detailed video analytics

Discover who’s watching your videos, how much they’re watching, and which ones are providing the most value for your business.

Track audience behaviors and user engagement

Engagement metrics and graphs

Get a comprehensive view of audience trends like rewatches, drop-offs, and interactions with your video to better gauge its engagement rate.

Viewer-based tracking

Identify and track the people watching your videos, then send the user tracking data to your CRM for smarter lead nurturing.

Video heatmaps

See exactly which parts of your video each individual viewer has watched, skipped, and rewatched.

Gather direct, actionable data

Video data

Get a look at the percentage of viewers who clicked play, percentage viewed, total time watched, CTAs clicked, and more.

Social analytics

Check out stats like shares, likes, and comments, for each of your videos shared to social media — all  in one place.

A/B testing

See what’s working in your video strategy with Wistia’s A/B testing feature. Put two videos head-to-head, see which one performs better, and pick a winner!

Send your analytics data to integrated platforms

Google Analytics

Connect your Wistia account to Google Analytics and automatically publish video events to your GA account.

Marketing automation platforms

Our advanced integrations with HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo allow you to score leads, create drip campaigns, and rock out with all of your video data.

See how Wistia’s powerful video analytics can improve your marketing efforts