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A launchpad for your pod

Everything you need to get those podcast episodes packaged up, published, and performing for your business.

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Hassle-free podcast hosting

We’ll help you get your episodes uploaded, organized, and out there.

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Podcast software UI showing podcast episodes and logos for Apple, Spotify, and Google


Upload your episode’s audio and we’ll distribute it to top directories like Apple and Spotify.


Store, organize, find, and archive your episodes in a jiffy.

A beautiful way to listen

Make your podcast look as good as it sounds.

Customizable player

Choose colors, add your logo, and feature your episode’s artwork.

Podcast software UI showing a customizable podcast player with a color picker and a logo uploader

Podcast homepage

Create a slick home base for your pod in minutes. No design skills necessary.

Podcast software UI showing a homepage for the podcast and layout options carousel, grid, and list

Auto transcription

We’ll include transcripts with your show notes for episodes that are accessible and primed for SEO.

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Video podcasts, too

Let your audience see you! Video makes your content more engaging and shareable than ever.

Podcast software UI showing a video podcast

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Analytics that measure up

Get all the data you need to track performance across every channel.

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Show metrics

Get key info like total plays, hours played, and top-performing episodes. We’ll also pull Apple, Spotify, and Google Play data into one simple dashboard so you can see how your show performs on each platform.

Episode metrics

We’ll show you what percent of your audience played each episode. And with episode-specific engagement graphs and heatmaps, you can see exactly which parts people are listening to, replaying, and loving the most.

Frequently asked questions

Get all the As to your FAQs.

  • Am I able to only use audio when hosting my podcast on Wistia?

    Of course! Wistia offers podcast hosting for both audio and video podcasts. Simply upload your podcast recording, and Wistia will distribute your show to every platform where you want to broadcast. Video podcasts are supported in Wistia Channels, and we’ll get your video podcast out to any platform that supports video content, like Apple Podcasts.

  • What file types are accepted in Wistia?

    If you have an audio podcast, Wistia supports these types of audio files: MP3, WAV, AIF, AU, M4A, and OGG. For video podcasts, Wistia supports video recordings uploaded in MOV, MPG, AVI, FLV, F4V, MP4, M4V, ASF, WMV, VOB, MOD, 3GP, MKV, DIVX, XVID, WEBM, or MXF file formats.

  • Can my podcast be distributed to all podcast directories?

    You betcha! Once you have your podcast feed configured and at least one episode published, you can use the RSS feed URL from Wistia to set up distribution to podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. If you have a video podcast, you’ll be right at home with Wistia Channels, and you’ll have the option to distribute your episodes to other platforms that support video podcasting too.

  • My podcast is hosted on another platform, so can I move all of my episodes over to Wistia?

    Absolutely! If you have podcast content hosted on another platform, you can import all of your existing audio and video recordings to Wistia without losing any of your subscribers. All you need is your RSS feed URL.

  • Can I embed my podcast episode on my website?

    With Wistia, you can embed audio and video podcasts on your own website with our customizable audio or video player. And with Wistia Channels, you can create a dedicated page or embedded playlist so that your audience can tune in to each episode as you publish them.

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