Video SEO

Drive more traffic to your website with video SEO

Wistia automatically optimizes your videos for search engines, which means your videos can rank better, attract more viewers, and get you more site visitors, without any extra work.

How it works

Embed a video

Compatible with all major content management systems, with just a copy + paste of code from our app, you can include our asynchronous JavaScript video embeds on your website.

See your videos in search results

We’ll handle the hard stuff by injecting mark-up (via JSON-LD) onto the page, so Google can read your videos and include them in the index.

Send more traffic to your website

Rather than sending your viewers to to be distracted by ads and competitor content, Wistia embeds send traffic to your website, where you control the experience.

Rank for more queries

Order or upload a video transcript, and we’ll make sure it’s included in the JSON-LD mark-up to provide extra context for Google and ensure your page is relevant for more keywords.

Create a series of search-friendly video pages with Wistia Channels

Go beyond embedding a single video, and use Wistia Channels to make your site a go-to destination. Wistia Channels SEO works with just a simple embed code, but creates unique search-optimized pages for each individual video using only client-side JavaScript. Without any custom development work, you can ensure all your videos are indexed and ranking well in Google search.

Learn more about Channels →

See Wistia’s SEO in action

Check out this example of a Wistia video indexed in Google search with a well-optimized thumbnail. If you run that video’s page through Google’s Structured Data Tool, and you’ll find the video object and its metadata as indexed by Google.

Ready to drive more traffic to your website, rather than YouTube?