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Not your average webinars

Host attention-grabbing live events and turn them into lead gen tools, social clips, and so much more.

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Super engaging

Q&A, audience polls, chat box, and emoji reactions keep you connected with your audience.

Easy setup

Add a date, event title, description, and promo graphic to create a registration page in seconds.

Post-event editing

Fix mistakes, add music, and let AI find the most shareable snippets for your social channels.

Wow your viewers

Engage your audience and look like a webinar wiz without breaking a sweat.

Video software UI showing multiple panelists on a live webinar

Multiple panelists

Go live with as many co-hosts and panelists as you’d like, connect via backstage chat, and bring people on and off stage in a snap.

Video software UI showing a live webinar with an audience chat window

Audience chat

Spark conversations, provide helpful resources, and keep the energy up with emoji reactions. Plus, keep tabs on who’s most engaged.

Video software UI showing a Q&A window overlaid on a live webinar window

Polls and Q&A

Get your audience involved with dynamic polling, and easily organize their questions along with your responses.

Video software UI showing a live webinar being simulcasted on a social platform


Live stream your event to social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or X with Wistia’s simple simulcast settings.

Event prep made simple

Everything you need to get your webinar up and running in no time.

AI-generated descriptions

Tell us a little about your event, select your brand tone, and let our AI tool whip up a description for you.

Video software UI showing an event descriptor auto-generator

Form flexibility

Use our GDPR-compliant registration form to capture leads. Or pull one in from your marketing automation platform to have registrants sync directly to your existing lists.

Video software UI showing a registration form for an event

Automatic email reminders

We’ll send folks confirmation and reminder emails once they register for your event.

An email reminder for a webinar

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Wistia Live has saved us hours in post-event work. Our attendees find it very easy to sign up and participate. It’s much easier to now have one platform for all of our video needs!

Mason Hahne Marketing Coordinator at G Works

Simple post-event editing

Polish up your webinar recording with editing software you can actually use yourself.

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Nix your mistakes

Editing out blunders is as easy as editing a Google Doc. Just highlight ‘em and hit delete.

Get clips for social

AI automatically scans your long-form videos for the most shareable snippets. All you have to do is post.

Add intros & more

After your live event’s over, add a snazzy branded intro or bumper with Wistia’s editing toolbar.

See the impact of your virtual events

Get the 411 on your event’s performance before it starts, while it’s happening, and after it’s over.

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Video software UI showing registration and impression numbers

Stats at every stage

We’re talking number of impressions, registrants, and attendees. Plus, see how many people attended over 75% of your webinar.

Video software UI showing an engagement graph

Track engagement in real time

Know how many people are tuned in and active in the chat at any given time.

Video software UI showing analytics for a webinar

Evergreen performance

Turn great webinars into great on-demand content. We’ll keep the data coming as more views roll in.

Frequently asked questions

Get all the As to your FAQs.

  • What are some use cases for webinars?

    Some great use cases for webinars include recurring sales demos, educational and onboarding presentations, training—the list goes on!

  • Is Wistia Live supported on all browsers?

    Hosts and panelists can use Wistia's webinar software on all Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Your audience, however, will be able to watch your virtual event from any browser or mobile device.

  • Does Wistia Live work on mobile?

    Your audience can watch your webinar from any mobile device. However, hosts and panelists cannot use Wistia Live to host virtual events or participate in webinars from mobile devices. For the best results, use your desktop or laptop computer with any Chromium-based browser along with a strong internet connection.

  • Can I record my webinars?

    Yes! Wistia automatically records all of your webinars and live events and immediately organizes them to make your post-webinar workflow as smooth as possible. All you have to do is go live. After your event is over, your recording will be available in your Wistia account, where you can edit and share it for on-demand viewing.

  • Is there a limit to how many webinars I can host?

    There’s no limit to the number of webinars you can create and host. After the event ends, your webinar recording will count toward your media limit.

  • How many co-presenters can I have in my webinar?

    With Wistia, you can have multiple hosts and invite an unlimited number of panelists to your webinars. And you can have up to four participants on stage at a time. Hosts can manage screen sharing and pre-recorded content, bring participants on and off stage, and collaborate behind the scenes with our private backstage chat. When panelists are backstage, the audience isn’t able to see or hear them, meaning you never have to worry about sneaky background noise or unexpected distractions while live streaming.

  • How much does Wistia’s webinar platform cost?

    Wistia Live is available on our Pro plan and up. Our Pro plan costs $79/month and includes lead-capture forms, unlimited registrants, video heatmaps, video A/B testing, customizable in-video calls to action (CTAs), and unlimited Wistia Channels (polished, customizable video galleries). For even more webinar functionality—such as customization, higher attendee limits, longer event duration, and integrations with marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Adobe Marketo Engage, and Pardot—you can purchase our Advanced plan, which starts at $319/month.

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