Interactive video

Engagement essentials

We’ve got a few features up our sleeve that turn passive viewers into active ones.

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Keep things interactive

In-video forms, chapters, calls to action, and links for your audience? Yep, let’s give ’em something to click about.


Toss these into your videos so viewers can sign up for more of your content or get in touch with your sales team.

Video software UI showing an email collector on a video

AI chaptering

Our AI tech generates chapters for your videos so viewers can jump directly to the parts they’re most interested in.

Video software UI showing a modal for automatically generating AI chapters over a video


Add a customizable, full-screen call to action (CTA) that takes your viewers to the next stage of their customer journey.

Video software UI showing a CTA on a video


Add annotation links that send viewers to related videos, blog posts, or other resources they may find helpful.

Video software UI showing an annotation link on the top right corner of a video

3 reasons you’ll love our video captions

Get ready to up your content’s accessibility factor.

Video software UI showing captions on a video
  • 1. Free automatic transcription

    Wistia instantly and automatically transcribes every video to give your viewers accurate, perfectly timed captions.

  • 2. Human-verified captions

    For that extra bit of confidence, upgrade to professional captions reviewed by real people.

  • 3. Multi-language support

    Want to connect with a wider audience? Upload translated transcripts so that viewers can choose captions in their preferred language.

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