Wistia talks to your other business tools

Nothing engages like video. When you use Wistia in tandem with your other business tools, the power of video is even greater.

Collect leads within the Wistia player, see which people on your email list are watching your videos, use viewing consumption data to score leads, and give sales reps access to this data to help drive more productive calls.

marketing automation illustration

Marketing automation platforms

Collect leads from your videos, segment them in your CRM, and then dynamically engage with each one depending on their viewing behavior. Plus, use video consumption patterns to score leads and pass the best ones on to your sales team.

Partners: HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo

video in email illustration

Email service providers

Boost click-through rates by adding video thumbnails to your emails. When someone clicks the thumbnail in your email, Wistia will automatically tag the viewing session with their contact information.

Partners: MailChimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, Emma, & a dozen more

Wistia for Chrome

The easiest way to share your videos in Gmail. Add video links to your emails, and understand who's watching your content.

Third-party add-ons

We’re flattered that so many great companies have figured out awesome ways to make Wistia part of their products.

Looking to integrate with Wistia?

Awesome. We love seeing other companies leverage video, so we’ve tried to make our APIs as easy to use as possible.


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