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Grow your business and drive incredible results with video.
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Help make businesses more human.
Help your clients build trust and increase engagement with their leads and customers.
Expand your services.
Increase the size of your client retainers by offering video services.
Attract new clients.
Use our co-branded videos, guides and sales materials to generate leads and turn them into clients.
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Get rewarded.
Get benefits for doing outstanding video work and bringing your clients to Wistia through our Agency Tier Program.
Prove results.
Learn how to run full video marketing campaigns for your clients, get all of your data in one place, and prove that ROI.
Joe Shmoe watched a video on your homepage and became a lead.
Get training and support
Learn how to implement a video marketing strategy, market and sell video services, and use the Wistia platform.
Connect and work with other agencies
Join our community, share insights and find your next partner.
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What special benefits do I get as a Wistia Agency Partner?

When you sign up to join, you’ll get access to agency resources, training, a community and more to help you become a better video marketer and successfully market and sell video services.

Do I have to have a Wistia account?

Yes; we’d like agency partners to be their own best case studies. Even if you only have a free Wistia account, that’ll give you perspective on how the platform works and what your clients might need.

If you don’t have one yet, sign up for one now!

What kind of a commitment does the program involve?

The main thing we ask from you is a commitment to building your expertise about video marketing. There’s no exclusivity or financial obligation to Wistia.

What kind of compensation will I get for bringing clients to Wistia?

As you bring clients to Wistia, you’ll be able to level up in the Wistia Agency Tiers. Each tier will recognize and reward the agencies that are doing excellent video marketing and bringing clients to Wistia. We won’t be offering a commission, but we’re committed to adding value in other ways.

Will I have access to special product features or settings?

For the time being, no. But we’ll be looking to our top agency partners for guidance on how the product and feature set should change over time.

Will I be able to get affiliate credit for referrals to Wistia, or resell Wistia without any Wistia branding on it?

This is not an affiliate program, so we only support agencies that resell Wistia and are actively doing video work for their clients. We want your clients to have full access to our Customer Happiness and Support resources, so we’re not allowing Wistia to be white labeled.