23 Video Marketing Statistics for 2023 [State of Video]

You don’t need a crystal ball to get all the best video marketing statistics and insights for this year. Get our 2023 State of Video Report!

February 28, 2023

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Austin Canary


What’s an effective video marketing strategy? How do videos perform for other marketers? Where does a video lead capture form convert best? If you’re asking these questions while staring into a crystal ball — stop! Check out Wistia’s 2023 State of Video Report for all the magical video marketing statistics you’re looking for.

This year, we surveyed over 1,500 businesses and analyzed more than 80 million videos uploaded to Wistia. We’ve gathered several insights on how businesses use video, uncovered a lot of data from our video marketing platform, and packaged up all that sweet video data to help you create a winning strategy.

You can find all these video stats and metrics in our 2023 State of Video Report — which you should get ASAP! In case you need more convincing (and if you’d like a sneak peek of what’s in the report), we’ve compiled 23 compelling video marketing stats that will support your marketing efforts this year. Let’s go!

See the 2023 State of Video Report

Get all the video stats on our report page, complete with a video breakdown — and download the full report to have all the data at your fingertips.

Video strategy statistics

Want to learn how to use video in your marketing strategy, or are you trying to justify using video to those making key purchasing decisions? We’ve got some useful insights for you!

  • 52% of companies say that using product education videos to help prospects learn more about a product or service is their top goal in video marketing.
  • 42% of companies say that assisting conversions in the sales cycle is a key indicator of success with video.
  • Most B2B companies are making these types of videos: product videos, educational videos, and webinars.
  • 80% of marketers held live video events in 2022.
  • 60% of businesses hosted webinars last year, and 30% said they held webinars at least once a month.

The way we interact with video has fundamentally changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumers are watching more video content than ever. The “good” problem: Video creation is returning to expected levels, but audience demand continues to outpace video creation.

It’s clear that product videos, educational videos, and webinars are popular types of video content, and guess what? They deliver the highest return on investment (ROI)! Whether your goal is increased traffic or a boost in sales, we recommend making videos that help folks better understand your product or service.

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Marketers agree that product videos, educational videos, and webinars are the top three videos your business should make.

Video creation statistics

Companies are making tons of videos to keep up with demand, but they’re facing some creative barriers that they’re trying to solve with their video production teams. Here’s the data we uncovered from our platform and the survey on creating videos:

  • Businesses uploaded 44% more videos than we expected during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Video uploads on the Wistia video marketing platform have increased by 59% since 2019.

  • 30% of businesses make videos monthly. 30% weekly. 9% daily!
  • 58% of businesses have a dedicated in-house video team to create video content.

  • 64% of companies say that time is the biggest obstacle to their video output.
  • The number of videos above 30 minutes increased by 11,000% over the past decade compared to a 36% growth for videos under 30 minutes.

Businesses are busy making videos, growing their teams, and increasing the frequency of their video creation. And long-form video is the fastest growing and one of the highest-performing video segments.

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Creating videos on a budget? Check out our series called "One, Ten, One Hundred" for some creative inspiration.

Get the 2023 State of Video Report

These video stats are great, but you probably want them all, right? You can find so much more in the report!

Video distribution statistics

Marketers are finding ways to make their video viewing experience more engaging, accessible, and relevant to their audiences. We’ve gathered some interesting video distribution stats. Check ‘em out:

  • 73% of marketers customize their video player before sharing videos with the world.
  • 75% of businesses reported that they prioritize making videos accessible for their audiences.
  • The number of videos meeting multiple criteria on Wistia’s accessibility checklist is up 93% since 2019.
Learn more about online video distribution to help grow your brand’s reach.

Video performance statistics

When it comes to video ROI, tracking video performance and seeing accurate video analytics are key. We took a look at video performance across the board, including how effective interactive elements are on videos as a marketing tool. Here’s what we found:

Video engagement stats

  • Video plays were up 44% more than expected from 2020–2021.
  • Audiences are playing videos 59% more since 2019.
  • Viewers tend to hit play the most at the start of Q2 and Q4.
  • Viewers watched 71% more video content than we expected from 2019 levels.
  • The minutes of video watched grew 87% since 2019.
  • 38% of companies say that engagement rate is the most important video performance indicator.
  • For videos up to five minutes, audiences will watch about 50% of the content.
  • 16% of viewers will watch video content that’s over an hour long.

Video conversion stats

  • Calls to action (CTAs) made up more than half of all conversion tools businesses used in 2022.

  • Annotation Links represent about a third of conversion tools, up 21% on a percentage basis since 2016.

  • Viewers will convert with lead capture forms on fully-gated videos 29% of the time, but only 6% of the time if there is an option to skip.

What’s clear is that engaged viewers convert to leads on videos. Viewers are willing to give you their contact info for great video content. So it’s a good idea to use conversion tools like lead capture forms on your videos with Wistia!

Make clear video metric goals and benchmarks for your business with our Guide to Video Metrics.

Get the full 2023 State of Video Report

Looking at industry data is crucial for creating a powerful marketing plan. Year after year, it’s evident from our report that video is an extremely vital marketing tool for businesses. The 1,500+ Wistia users we surveyed agree, but don’t just take their word for it; look at the data!

When you get your own copy of the 2023 State of Video Report, you’re not just getting survey insights — we’re also providing you with hard data and trends straight from our video marketing platform. The incredible video marketing stats here are just the beginning! Download our full report to get all the sweet video data your B2B heart desires!

February 28, 2023

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Austin Canary


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