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Superfast transcoding, projects, folders and user control. Start uploading your videos to Wistia, and stop spending a fortune on portable hard disks.

Organize your media

Organizing your videos will save you time and energy in the long run. With Wistia, set up projects and sections to help group related media. Easily move videos from one project to another by dragging and dropping or add another layer of organization by creating sections. At a higher level, our Move & Copy feature lets you transfer videos between projects, or even between Wistia accounts.

Replace your video

Out with the old and in with the new… video that is. If you've made a change to your video and want to upload a new version, use our replace feature to swap it out. Don't worry, you won't have to re-embed your video anywhere on the web—it'll update automatically on its own. This feature is great for quickly updating several videos without the help of a developer.

Collaborate with comments

If you're hoping to solicit feedback from your coworkers and collaborate on a new video, you can enable comments on your media page. Is there a specific point in the video where you'd like to give feedback? By using timecoded comments, viewers can pause the video and give their two cents, making communication both clear and efficient. Don't want comments on your video? Easy. Just disable them.

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Set your permission levels

Our private sharing functionality allows you to invite certain people to view or collaborate on a project within your Wistia account. This is perfect for reviewing content before it goes live, sharing instructional videos with your team, or working with content concerning sensitive information. As an admin, you decide how users can interact with your media. It's all in your control.

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