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February 9, 2011

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Ben Ruedlinger


No, not that kind of popover!

One question that we have gotten a lot recently is, “How do I get my video to show up when I click a link on the page?” Up until now, the answer has been quite a bit more technically complex than we would have liked.

We wanted to make this capability accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical prowess. As a result, we have created the Video Popover Creator. What you see below looks like a mere mortal link, but when you click on it, TA-DA!

Edit: popovers are now super easy with SuperEmbeds!

To use the Video Popover Creator, you’ll need to have oEmbeds enabled for your Wistia account. Once that is done, you simply:

  1. Create an embed code (of the oEmbed variety)
  2. Go to the Video Popover Creator
  3. Paste your oEmbed code and enter your link text

 … And that’s it.

Have a popover on us!

Ben Ruedlinger


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