If your product relies on video, you can rely on Wistia.

Wistia offers reliable hosting and can serve as a backend. We’ll make sure your videos play nice on any browsers or device.

Global delivery

Wistia uses top-tier CDNs with over 150,000 servers worldwide to give every viewer the best possible playback experience.

Developers APIs

Wistia’s APIs allow you to easily upload, embed, and track videos within your application.

Advanced analytics

Wistia tracks how each viewer watches your video, second by second, to give you better insight into how your videos are performing.

The Wistia Player

Our player makes it easy to embed a video, and to customize the viewer experience with embed options and plugins. Interact with the player through our JavaScript Player API.


Enable video uploading within your application in seconds. The Wistia Uploader provides a complete video uploading experience out of the box, with a convenient JavaScript API for so you can easily customize it for any use case.


The best way to deliver Wistia video on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. WistiaKit is a complete library for integrating video on iOS, with second-by-second analytics. Deliver HLS-encoded videos for the best performance on iOS, and automatic compliance with Apple’s technical requirements for the App Store.


Notify your application as soon as something interesting happens in Wistia. Built for speed and reliability at scale.

Platform pricing

When your business runs on video you’ll be using a lot of it. We offer bulk discounts for extra-large audiences and video libraries.

Wistia powers platforms like these:

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