Wistia Advanced Plan

The plan that’ll turn your videos into mini-marketing machines

The Wistia Advanced Plan has everything you need to grow, convert, and engage your audience with video.

If growing your audience is a challenge, Wistia Channels can help

Display multiple videos in one easy-to-watch format

Similar to the streaming services you know and love, Wistia Channels make it so your audience sees more of your content, without any extra effort. Control your Channel’s appearance and ensure all of your content is being seen.

Eliminate distractions, ads, and other video nonsense

When you create a Channel, your audience won’t see suggested content or ads from other companies. You get to decide which videos autoplay after one finishes, rather than relying on other platforms to make the decision for you.

Channel customizations make your brand the focus, from fonts and colors to headers and descriptions.

Collect emails right from your Channel and use that list to nurture and engage your viewers while growing your mailing list.

Optimized for SEO, your Channels can send more new traffic to your site — not a third party’s (like YouTube).

Struggling to convert viewers? Look to A/B testing for answers

Use our A/B testing tool to find out what CTAs drive action, how long your videos should be, or which customizations encourage plays.

Just pick two videos to put head-to-head and let the test run. We’ll display your videos at a 50/50 split so you can set it, but don’t forget it! The data should give you a clear winner.

Leave your manual coding worries in the dust. Once you’ve picked the winner, the video will display for everyone moving forward — no need to change the embed.

Integrate with marketing automation tools to nurture your video leads

Use the marketing tools you already love

Integrate Wistia with tools like Pardot, Marketo, or HubSpot for smarter lead grouping and scoring.

Get more leads right from your videos

With email collection right on your videos, leads will automatically flow over to your marketing automation tools.

Add custom marketing automation forms or a Turnstile right on your videos.

Next, use the data you gather to create relevant nurture campaigns.

As sales start rolling in (score!), get insights on what campaigns are impacting your business the most.

100 included videos for 100% more fun

With 100 free videos included with the Advanced Plan, you’ll have 90 more chances than you do on the Pro Plan to make an impression.

Help is just an email away with priority support

With the Advanced Plan, you’ll have priority support from our dedicated Customer Happiness team, with response times under two hours during the business times of Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Talk to one of these friendly humans today

Whether you have questions about pricing, want to fiddle with our features, or need someone to help you solve your video problems, we’re here to help. When you get in touch, these are the (real!) people you’ll be talking to.