Make your videos more
accessible for everyone

Wistia aims to increase the number of videos that are accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve created a thoughtful, design-focused web accessibility solution that’s easy to implement, aligns with your brand, and makes your videos accessible to all. You’re already producing great videos. Now our solution makes it so more people can enjoy them.

Our accessible player is built to
showcase your brand

What may seem like small changes between our old player and our new player will make a big impact when it comes to making your videos more accessible.

Improved mobile

High-contrast color picker designed with aesthetics in mind

Increased opacity of the controls and colors

Add audio descriptions and captions
from a single video file

With Wistia, you can include captions, audio descriptions (or both!) from a single video file — unlike other players that require you to upload separate files for each accessibility element.

Audio descriptions act as a narration to describe key visual elements in your videos, making them more accessible for people with low vision.

Captions are an easy way to increase accessibility for everyone — for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and for anyone who needs, or prefers, to enjoy videos without sound.

Try turning on captions and audio descriptions on the video below

Improve your video accessibility with our
easy-to-use checklist

Our default player aligns with WCAG AA Guidelines, and our in-app checklist makes video accessibility a seamless part of your workflow. With just a few clicks, you can enable features that make it so more of the people who like your brand can love your videos.

Ready to move to a more accessible player?