2023 State of Video: Key Insights for Marketers Investing in Video

We share the latest data and insights from our 2023 State of Video report that’ll help your business thrive with video.


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Unlock your video marketing potential with the data and insights found in Wistia’s 2023 State of Video Report. Join Wistia’s Director of Production, Chris Lavigne, and Creative Director, Adam Day, for an in-depth webinar where they’ll share actionable takeaways from the report that will help you drive success for your business.

In this webinar, you’ll discover data that informs you on how to: • Make effective investments in your video strategy • Create high-impact videos that can grow your reach • Distribute videos to the best social media channels for B2B • Edit videos that beat video engagement benchmarks • Practice the best conversion tactics for your videos

Don’t miss out on the latest video marketing data and insights from our 2023 State of Video Report. Take your video strategy to the next level!