Change the Channel

What does it take for brands to cut through the noise? In order to be successful, marketers need a new way of attracting and creating brand advocates. Join our free live-streamed event, Change the Channel, at to hear Wistia’s co-founders discuss the future of brand marketing. Until then, you may return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Brendan Schwartz and Chris Savage

The Future of Brand Marketing

Businesses need a new way to build their brands and activate their audiences. In this session, Wistia's co-founders Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz discuss brand marketing's shifting landscape and make a super exciting product announcement.

Auditorium full of people facing a movie screen

Building Memorable Brands with Binge-Worthy Content

Stick around after our keynote address for two spotlight interviews featuring some very special guests. Ben Goldman, Director of InVision Films, will share the creative inspiration behind the making of InVision’s documentary, Design Disruptors, while delving into the impact this content had on the company’s goals.

We’ll also hear from Dan Slagen, CMO of ThriveHive, the creator and host of their original series, Locals. Dan will discuss what it takes for a small marketing team to produce episodic content and how their marketing strategy shifted to accommodate show creation.