Compliance Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Theta Lake

Theta Lake’s AI-based compliance suite supports highly regulated businesses, including financial services, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Their automated policy detection and content review process save time and reduce administrative burden through AI-assisted workflows.

This integration was created by our friends at Theta Lake!

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Automated risk detection

NLP and Deep Learning enable more than 30 built-in policies to automatically detect regulatory, conduct, and corporate compliance risks in both visual and spoken content.

Time-saving workflow

Thanks to AI, non-technical reviewers can more easily, efficiently, and consistently manage recording supervision.

Additional functionality

Risk Prioritization identifies risk and helps prioritize resources based on what’s uncovered. Plus, eDiscovery analyzes text, audio, images, visual content, and participants for search. And thanks to Script Review, you can automate script-to-video matching and reconciliation.

Wistia integration

With the integration, your Wistia videos automatically flow into the Theta Lake suite. That means you get access to automatic compliance reviews of all of your videos and can easily create a long-term, secure, and compliant archive of your recordings.

Start using Wistia with Theta Lake today!