Wistia’s Email Marketing integrations

Email Marketing Integrations

See your click-through rates soar

Improve engagement by adding videos to your email campaigns and track engagement for each individual viewer.

Use video to create your best performing emails

Wistia integrates with a whole host of the best in class email marketing tools, including MailChimp, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor. Increase click-through-rates with compelling video thumbnails that stand out, and generate more engagement from your email list. Embedded Wistia videos can be customized to playback in the email client where possible, or otherwise send your visitors off to a unique landing page where they can watch your content. Every engagement is tracked, right down to the individual viewer level, so you can keep track of who watches what.

Video Playback in Email? Comin’ Right Up!

Get started using Wistia with your email marketing tool today!