Marketing Automation Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Marketo

Best-in-class video hosting meets next generation marketing automation.

Integrate Wistia’s proven video lead capture technology with Marketo forms, then score, segment, and qualify your leads with the most detailed video data available, piped directly into Marketo. Create personalized, timely outreach with Soapbox, then set up workflows to scale your personalized marketing and sales communication.

Chat with sales

Supercharge your Marketing Automation

Capture leads with your videos, then automatically pass Wistia viewing data into Marketo to score, segment, and assign your leads. It’s a partnership sent from marketing paradise.

Capture new leads and information

Add Marketo forms to your Wistia videos to generate new leads or collect new information from existing leads. Each time a lead converts through a video, Wistia will sync with Marketo and add that lead’s video activities to their activity log.

Discover your videos' impact

Automatically enroll leads into Smart Lists to keep track of the value your videos add. With Salesforce in the mix, you can also highlight video Interesting Moments to keep your sales team aware of the most engaged leads.

Better segmentation and lead scoring

With viewing data like CTA Clicked or Percentage Watched in Marketo, you can start using more in-depth criteria for your Smart Lists and lead scoring. Use those lists to trigger automated workflows based on the videos you know your leads are watching, or send sales proactive alerts.

Improve email engagement

Use Wistia’s video thumbnails as CTAs to boost engagement and drive traffic back to your site. Easily embed crisp thumbnail images and tracking codes into your marketing emails to promote your videos and improve click-through rates by up to 21% (we tested it).