Marketing Automation Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Pardot

Supercharge your B2B marketing automation by bringing the power of Wistia to Pardot.

Capture leads with your videos, then automatically pass detailed viewing data into Pardot to score, segment, and assign your prospects. Set up workloads to ensure each prospect recieve timely, relevant communication based on video interactions and scale the impact of video marketing on your business.

Supercharge Your Marketing Automation

Incorporate video into your marketing automation, better qualify your leads, and create personalized, timely outreach.

Turn emails collected with Wistia into prospects in Pardot

With the Wistia connector for Pardot, you can start generating leads with your videos. Any time you capture an email address using Wistia’s turnstile email feature, these contact details will be automatically sent to Pardot and added as a new prospect.

See which videos your prospects are watching

Once you’ve enabled the Connector every video view on your website will be tracked and displayed in Pardot. This means you can keep abreast of video viewing events directly in a prospect’s activity record. When you acquire a new prospect, you’ll even be able to see all of the videos they watched before finally deciding to sign-up.

Score leads based on how much of a video a prospect has watched

Lead scoring in Pardot means you can take all of the data Wistia provides, and then use this to segment and structure your marketing automation. Using data from Wistia on retention rate and watch time, you can score your prospects and provide more qualified leads to your sales team.

Include Wistia video thumbnails in email campaigns

Compel and excite your audience by including Wistia video thumbnails in your email marketing.

If you’re a B2B business using Pardot for your marketing automation, then with the Wistia connector, you can bring the power of video into your lead generation and nurturing.

Still not convinced? Check out this success story where Wistia + Pardot drove 5x higher email open rates from people who subscribed through video. The integration is super easy to set up and included on Wistia Advanced and Premium plans.

Need a hand getting set up?

No problem. A dedicated Wistia Success Coach will help guide you through the process.

Start using Wistia with Pardot today!