Production Integrations

Wistia’s integration with is an online marketing tool for creating making videos in minutes even if you are not too savvy with a camera. Cut and edit videos to fit all social media formats and then send your videos straight to Wistia to access viewer analytics and share across the different platforms.

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Key Features provides instant resize and optimization to all the most popular video formats be it Facebook cover, Instagram Story, YouTube 16:9 or many others. You get all the aspect ratios of your video at once and they are ready for sharing on any social platform. Use video templates from a team of professional designers and social media experts to craft content that will inspire your audience.
“Our native integration allows direct upload to Wistia. It’s a perfect match because Wistia supports all the various video formats we have: square, vertical, portrait, and more! It’s a power-partnership that helps marketers create beautiful videos, analyze results and collect leads right from the video projects”
Dmitry Skavish

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