Recording Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Zoom

Bring all your videos into one place with the Wistia + Zoom integration. With our powers combined, your Zoom recordings can become marketing machines.

Consolidate your video marketing process

Our seamless integration helps you save time and stay organized by hosting all of your videos in one place. With all your content under one roof, it’s way easier to collaborate and manage your video workflows.

Turn recordings into polished content

With your webinars and other cloud recordings in one place, you can do more with your videos. Our editing and marketing features will take your Zoom cloud recordings to the next level. Add a bumper, edit out any awkward silence, and turn your videos into polished marketing assets.

Capture leads and track engagement

Gate your content and collect leads from your Zoom recordings with our video marketing platform. Once the views start rolling in, you’ll get access to detailed analytics that give you a play-by-play (literally!) of how your content is performing. Want even more valuable data? Connect your Wistia account to HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo (and more) for automation and lead scoring.

Start using Wistia with Zoom today!