Social Media Integrations

Wistia’s integration with YouTube

This two-way integration gives you the best of both worlds: control over your content with our world-class hosting and YouTube’s discoverability and reach.

Streamline video hosting and publishing

Import from YouTube

Have a YouTube video that doesn’t look quite right on your site? Seamlessly import it into Wistia, customize the player to match your brand, and embed it within your page design. Hosting all your videos on Wistia makes organizing your videos, collaborating with your team, and managing your video workflows much easier.

Publish to YouTube

YouTube helps you reach a broad audience and get a ton of views on your videos. That’s why we made it super easy to publish your videos on YouTube right from Wistia.

Turn uploads into polished content

By importing your YouTube videos into Wistia, you can make them work harder to achieve your marketing goals. Regain control over your content with Wistia’s customizable player, editing feature, and suite of marketing tools.

Measure marketing results

Want more information on who’s engaging with your content? Import your videos from YouTube so you can embed them on your site using Wistia. When you embed the Wistia player instead of YouTube’s, you’ll see video heatmaps, engagement data, and even analytics based on the embedded location.

Capture leads with video

Want to generate leads with video? Wistia can help. After you’ve imported your YouTube video to Wistia, you can add a form to the video to collect your viewers’ names, email addresses, and more.

Integrate video into your marketing automation

When you link Wistia to your HubSpot, Marketo, or Pardot account, your viewers’ contact info will be automatically added to your lists. Wistia will also send over your video viewing data, and you can use it to set up campaigns or lead scoring workflows in your marketing automation platform.

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