8 Ways to Build a Video Culture at Your Company — WistiaFest 2017

June 13, 2017

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Margot Da Cunha

Customer Success

Margot, Customer Success Manager at Wistia, shares 8 ways to build a video culture at your company.

Tip #1: Create a physical space for video creation. If you’re just starting out, check out Wistia’s helpful resources in our video library like “DIY Office Video Studio.” You don’t even need to have an in-house studio to start making video. Think outside the box! With Wistia’s built-in webcam and screen recorder, you can create a video anywhere as long as you have a computer, a quiet space, and something to say.

Tip #2: Build a video advocate on every team. Go through a checklist to identify the right people on each team. Set up a video pitch meeting. Prepare your case for using video. Highlight unique ways their team will benefit, and follow up with the team to get video rolling.

Tip #3: Make video a part of customer facing employee workflows. You can do this by creating video email signatures for every customer facing employee, introducing your team with video on your site, or keeping customers informed with personal video reach-out.

Tip #4: Hold video delighting competitions. You should be using video to delight. Sarah-Mei, a leader on Wistia’s customer support team created Delightuary in February. The goal was for everyone in the company to make one video to send out in a customer support email, and the whole team votes for best in categories. If you want to do something similar, create hype for the contest, and tempt everyone with prizes. Consider planning an awards ceremony, too!

Tip #5: Incorporate video into your recruiting efforts. Recruiting videos don’t have to be highly produced. Put your coworkers to work shooting their own authentic footage. During the recruiting process, personalized reach-out goes a long way.

Tip #6: Make video a part of employee onboarding. For example, Cleve from Dollar Shave Club trained 170 members of the Dollar Shave Club service team using video. Blend office and online learning to train new hires, and tell a consistent message.

Tip #7: Communicate across the company with video. Use it for small announcements, or even create a re-occurring series to keep everyone informed. For remote employees, video can help build a remote culture.

Tip #8: Seek out and share video successes and failures. Learn from your viewers, and share your learning with your team.

Watch Margot’s presentation to hear how you can build a video culture at your company.

Margot Da Cunha

Customer Success

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