June 3, 2014

#WistiaFest: As Told by Attendees

Elise Ramsay


We welcomed 200 video friends into our home for WistiaFest, and to be honest, we’re still recovering from the learning hangover. One of our favorite parts of the experience was meeting so many people with whom we’ve only interacted online. Even better? Seeing attendees meeting and talking with each other!

As the resident Twitter addict (and person behind @wistia), I couldn’t get enough of the photos, videos, and general antics on the #wistiafest hashtag. Without further ado, here is the tale of #wistiafest, as told by you:

You see, #wistiafest started long before WistiaFest. It was so conscientious of folks to wash their Wistia tees before coming to Boston. Why didn’t we think of that? (Just kidding).

We all got to know each other a bit on Tuesday night, before any "conferency" stuff began.

Somehow, we still woke up for breakfast and talks.

Obviously the biggest draw of the event was the dunk tank, which—yes—really happened.

Later on, we tore up Cambridge, because Wistians know how to do it right.

Thursday morning, we woke up bright and early for a day full of workshops! Yes, there was Tylenol in the swag bag.

#wistiafest lived on even after we said goodbye! Tons of folks rocked their Wistia shades and put together some great recaps. Maybe even at the same time!

Finally, Lenny would like to thank all of you for the many snacks, belly rubs, and kisses he received during WistiaFest. We’re not idiots, we know who the main draw is.

Thanks so much!

The humans of Wistia also want to thank you for making WistiaFest even more awesome than our wildest dreams. You are our tribe, our goofy A/V club, our inspiration, and our really (really) smart friends. Thank you for keeping us honest and pushing us to grow. We can’t wait to see you again soon, and until then, let’s keep the conversation going online! We miss you already. We’ll always have #wistiafest.

Stay tuned for complete coverage (videos, too!) of WistiaFest, and let’s keep learning together in the Community. What were your favorite photos, tweets, or memories from #wistiafest?

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