A Powerful Duo: Video and Voice of the Customer — WistiaFest 2017

June 13, 2017

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Joanna Lord


Joanna Lord is the CMO at ClassPass, leading customer growth, community development, lifecycle marketing, and brand. As a global keynote speaker, recognized digital marketing expert, startup mentor, and one of Seattle’s '40 Under 40,' Lord shares why video and voice of the customer bring together powerful stories that build defensible brands.

Deeply connecting with your customers is at the heart of every great business, but doing so isn’t easy. Things have changed, and marketers are competing for time and attention. Nowadays, people have more options and less loyalty for brands, want brands to empower them, and expect elements of delightful surprise. Lord says you can leverage video to build a leading brand, when all of the above seems unnattainable.

The “voice of a customer” concept is an in-depth process of capturing people’s expectations, preferences, and aversions. By understanding what people need, love, and hate, you can use video to take a stand on important issues, connect over real life moments, help people be the best versions of themselves, put your community at the heart of your brand, and be vulnerable for transparency.

Watch Lord’s presentation to learn all about how to leverage video and voice of your followers to build a leading brand.

Joanna Lord


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