An Integrated Approach to Video — WistiaFest 2014

Mack Fogelson


Mackenzie Fogelson, who goes by Mack, is the founder and CEO of Mack Web Solutions. Mack Web is an integrated marketing team, building business, brand, and communities. Fogelson presents a case study to show you how to accomplish goals you’ve set for your business with an integrated approach to video marketing.

The three purposes of Fogelson’s case study are to:

  1. Provide you with a process to develop your own integrated marketing strategy with video.
  2. Supply you with KPIs you can use to measure you integrated efforts.
  3. Remind you it takes more than one video to build your brand and community.

Mack Web built a 47-page guide on how to build community called “Arthur,” which they planned to offer for free. To hype people up about the Arthur guide, they decided to give video a shot. They made a series of 5 videos to spread brand awareness, but also to start building an email list before the guide launched. Two things the videos aimed to do included giving something of value away for free and making a connection with people by showing off their brand personality.

The videos alone helped Mack Web earn 176 guide sign-ups, but there was even more success combined with integrated efforts. Fogelson shares her company’s roadmap they followed for success, which consisted of goals they set, strategy they followed, and how they measured their efforts.

The key takeaway here is that integrated marketing takes many channels and a lot of effort, but you can do it by establishing specific, measurable, and attainable goals. Then, you should distill your goals into actionable, bite-sized tactics to make them feel more achievable. All of your efforts work toward reaching your core “visionary” goal.

Watch Fogelson’s presentation to learn more about how you can use an integrated approach with video to accomplish your goals.

Mack Fogelson


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