Building a More Human Brand — WistiaFest 2015

Wil Reynolds


Wil Reynolds, founder of Seer Interactive, got his start in internet marketing in '99 when he joined a web marketing agency and began spearheading SEO strategies for Fortune 500 clients. He’s passionate about driving traffic to sites and analyzing its impact on a company’s bottom line.

Since becoming a believer in the power of online video, Reynolds shares his perspective on how building a more human brand makes video effective. Reynolds noticed how Seer’s helpful videos for their audience made people feel like they already knew him personally as a friend. He established trust simply by helping them learn to do what they love. To create compelling content, he says you should find people who love what they do as well as the former teachers in your organization. These teachers who care to help others and see them succeed through their neurons of wisdom are the ones who will become great content producers for your videos.

Not every problem is answered with video, but you can solve many problems without a lot of money using it. Reynolds focuses on how marketers and videographers may convince CEOs like himself to invest in this marketing effort. He suggests you make a business case by finding a customer problem where video is the best means to answer it.

“Not every problem is answered with video, but you can solve many problems without a lot of money using it.”

Bringing a finished product to your CEO or CMO is another proactive move because it’s hard to say “no” to a finished product. Lastly, by thinking toward the future of where search is going, video may be used to change the way people search for your brand.

When you start making videos, remember to be authentic with yourself and your audience. Choose someone on your team who likes being on camera for quality talent and don’t be afraid to invest in innovation such as the equipment you’ll need. In the long run, great content will continue to help people in perpetuity and help you build a more human brand.

Watch Reynolds' presentation to learn all about how to build a more human brand and the ways you may convince your CEO to invest in video.

Wil Reynolds


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