From Video Content to Video Strategy — WistiaFest 2014

May 29, 2014

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Phil Nottingham


Phil Nottingham, Video Strategist at Distilled and video expert, shares the importance of having a video strategy. Video strategy is the vision guiding future content creation, technical implementation, and measurement. Here he discusses the dos & don’ts of video as content for an idea and picks apart video strategy for conversion, consideration and advocacy, and brand awareness.

With a strategic approach, all content must be goal driven. You should always be valuable to your users. Nottingham argues that context is king, not content. By understanding the context of a user and what they’re going to do on every visit in the conversion funnel, you’ll be able to establish a minimal viable conversion at every stage.

When producing content, always being valuable leads to the idea that consistent quality is more important than a consistent schedule. You’ll want to personalize your content by user groups and create content which appeals to your target audience at each stage in the conversion funnel.

Nottingham demonstrates effective uses of video for conversion, consideration and advocacy, and brand awareness with examples from companies with great video strategies. He even points out the metrics that don’t matter and directs you toward the ones that do when measuring your video’s success under these umbrellas.

Watch his presentation to learn more about video strategy for conversion, consideration and advocacy, and brand awareness!

Phil Nottingham


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