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Margot Mazur

Business Development

Business video has super-human powers. In other words, video reassures your audience that there are real people who care behind your product. Video also happens to be entertaining, scalable, shareable, and helpful for SEO. We could go on, but we’ll let some data do the talking. Businesses who use video on their websites have 41% more traffic from search than those who don’t. When marketers include video in their emails, their click-through rates increase by 200–300%.

When you combine the “super-human” power of video with the efficiency that marketing automation offers, you can engage, nurture, convert, retain, and delight your customers with relative ease.

Video can play a role in each part of your sales funnel. You can use video on a landing page to get a higher lead conversion rate, or in the nurturing process to introduce leads to your product and brand. And don’t forget the bottom of the funnel, when a prospect is ready to speak with someone on your sales team — the “schedule a demo” email can really benefit from a video introducing your sales representative.

Making video a lead generation tool

Marketing automation starts with lead generation. Once you acquire new leads, you can set up relevant nurturing campaigns that will encourage new prospects to become customers. We all know that video can be an extremely engaging and persuasive medium, and for that reason and many more, video is a lead gen marketer’s best friend.

To streamline the lead gen process and increase the quality of leads you get, we recommend adding a form right into your video.

At Wistia, we call this lead gen form Turnstile. It can help you gather leads' email addresses, as well as some information about who they are, what they’re interested in, and which parts of your video they care about.

Choosing where to add a Turnstile will impact your video’s conversion rates. Chances are you want the most leads as possible, but you also want them to be quality leads who actually care about the information you’re presenting.

If you add a Turnstile to the beginning of your video, your viewers will have to submit their email addresses before viewing anything. Conversely, if you add a Turnstile at the end, your viewers will be able to watch the whole video first, before having to enter any information.

Many folks choose the latter option, but our research has shown that adding a Turnstile 20% into your video actually gets the most conversions. Planning the script of your video around the Turnstile, and knowing where you’re going to incorporate it will make sure that your audience isn’t surprised when they see the form.

In most cases, scripting a delightful segue into the Turnstile will result in more quality leads than just adding the form to the beginning or the end of your content. You can use Turnstile in your product videos, thought leadership videos, and even FAQ or support videos — all of the leads that you capture will be passed into your workflows, and ultimately onto your sales team.

Connecting your leads to Marketo

In order to nurture your leads effectively and increase your conversion rates, you’ll want to pump the video viewing data you’re collecting right into Marketo.

With the Wistia-Marketo integration, you can seamlessly integrate your marketing automation and your video data to create workflows that will make your life a lot easier.

Once you collect leads with a Turnstile, you can funnel them directly into your Marketo lead database and track how they’re responding to your videos in the activity log.

As Jonah mentions in the video above, with the Wistia-Marketo integration, you’re able to score leads based on the videos your audience has viewed (for instance, maybe you score a product video view higher than a support video view), create smart lists based on that viewing data, and send emails with integrated video links. Ultimately, you’ll be able to see which videos convinced your viewers to give you their email addresses and become leads.

The leads you get from your videos are unique — each lead tells its own story. Luckily, video stats show up in Marketo, so you can see exactly where a viewer stopped watching, rewatched a part of your video, or clicked an annotation link or CTA within a video. You’ll know when each viewer sees 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your video, making it easy to create custom workflows based on viewing behavior.

Another plus of the Wistia-Marketo integration: you can access your leads' video viewing history without having to click back to your Wistia account. At a glance, you can look at a lead’s viewing behavior and figure out which content they might be interested in, as well as pass on an Interesting Moment to Salesforce. This will empower your sales team to have stronger points of contact with that lead, boosting their close rates and inspiring leads to become new customers.

Creating custom workflows

Nurturing workflows

For new leads that appear in Marketo via Turnstile, it’s smart to drop them into a nurturing workflow right away. If there isn’t a workflow associated with a lead, that lead won’t get any more information about your company, and may end up forgetting about you. That’s why it’s so important to keep your leads engaged with a custom welcome or nurture program.

Scording leads

By scoring your leads, you can ensure that the ones who are most qualified and ready to speak to sales are noticed and acted upon. When leads watch your videos and commit to seeing them through to the end, it’s obvious that they’re interested in that video’s content, making them that much more ready to hear from your sales team.

To ensure you don’t lose your hottest leads, create layered scores that reflect video engagement as an indicator of interest. For example, anyone who clicks “play” on a video might get five points, while watching a video to 50% or 75% completion could trigger an additional fifteen points. As these scores add up, you can quickly and easily filter your most qualified leads right in Marketo.

Triggering alerts

When leads are watching important videos, you’ll want to know about it. First, sort out the videos you’ve made that have the most impact on your audience. If there’s a certain video or set of videos where watching past 75% would demonstrate an exceptional level of interest, make sure you know who’s watching. Then, you can set an alert to a lead owner or pass an Interesting Moment over to Salesforce so your sales team can follow up ASAP.

Create a report

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating videos that convert, but how do you know if they’re generating ROI? Once you’ve collected viewing data for at least a few weeks, create a report of deals closed, or active sales conversations. Are those contacts engaging with videos at a higher rate than the rest of your audience? If so, you’re well on your way to concretely proving ROI from your video content.

How others use the Wistia-Marketo integration


LiveIntent is a marketing and advertising platform that works with email. They use the Wistia-Marketo integration to send targeted email campaigns to qualified leads. Thanks to the combined powers of both platforms, LiveIntent knows which leads have engaged with their content, and who they should follow up with.

Nick Dujnic, Senior Director of Demand Generation at LiveIntent, also uses the Marketo integration to let their sales team know which leads are ready to chat about the product. Instead of sending emails that are easy to ignore, the sales team can quickly pinpoint qualified leads with automatic notifications from Marketo. When a lead watches a bottom-of-the-funnel video, sales get a notification: “Currently, when a viewer watches more than 50% of a video, our sales team is automatically notified to follow up with that lead.”

Find out more about how LiveIntent uses video.

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is a market research firm that uses video in their marketing funnel. They use the Wistia-Marketo integration to encourage their audience to request demos with their sales team.

Peter Kosmal, Production Manager at Euromonitor, uses the Marketo integration to directly prove the importance of video in their sales flow. "Most people are watching our product videos and requesting demos within hours of watching our videos. Sometimes minutes. It’s amazing to see that.” Peter uses the Wistia-Marketo integration to see how the videos he creates impact conversion, and increase sales demos. This all effectively proves the ROI of video to his team.

Find out more about how Euromonitor uses video.

Additional resources to get you going

  • Add video to your marketing automation campaigns with our post that will take you step-by-step through the process.
  • Get started with video and lead generation on the Marketo blog.

Do you use the Wistia-Marketo integration in a unique way? Let us know in the comments!

Margot Mazur

Business Development

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