Wistia’s Recipe for Launching Your Product with Video — WistiaFest 2017

Trevor Holmes


Trevor Holmes, Video Producer at Wistia, shares Wistia’s recipe for marketing a new product with video. A launch video, mechanics video, and social video make up the key ingredients to Wistia’s recipe. All three videos help give you more uses and reach across your social, blog, website, and help center.

Before you start shooting, complete a pre-production checklist. Get a punchlist from a point person working on a specific project. This will ensure you get the most important things you need to include in your launch, mechanics, and social videos. You’ll want to make sure the product and features are locked to avoid a scenario where you have to reshoot, rescript, and tweak things. Thirdly, dummy up the product. Work with your engineering team to create a dummy account with fake information for filming.

Launch videos are important because they solidify the value proposition of your new feature and tell everyone why they should be excited. Having a launch gives you the opportunity to make a video and creates branding around your launches with video. Keep launches high level like a show and tell. Save a product walk-through for your mechanics video.

Mechanics videos live to answer any questions people have about your new feature. Working as product walk-throughs, they help scale your support team who can link out to this video. Primarily, having one person on screen intermixed with a full screen screencast is effective.

Social videos generate excitement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram more than just posting a launch video. Unless your product is super concept-driven it needs its own engaging video to stand out on a social feed. Videos for social should be engaging without audio, don’t necessarily show product, and are under a minute long. Get creative, try things, and fail a little bit to find your voice in your social video.

Watch Trevor’s presentation to learn all about Wistia’s recipe for launching your product with video.

Trevor Holmes


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