September 28, 2009

Audio & Document Embedding

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

Update as of July 2014: This feature is no longer supported by Wistia. We recommend using Soundcloud to embed audio!

This morning we added support for document and audio embedding. Wistia has had built-in support for a number of formats besides video for some time now (MS Office documents, audio, swf files, among others), but until today you couldn’t embed these files outside your private Wistia environment.

While it might seem odd for an online video provider to support formats other than video, we feel that it actually fits nicely with our offering and helps our customers get more out of their videos. We’ve learned that putting multiple content types together to provide a more complete a message can really boost interest and engagement.

Here’s the song Peaceblaster ’68 from STS9. It’s great music to work to.

And I’ve made a fresh document embed of the Video Training Topics & Trends survey we completed last winter!

For now these features are in "beta" mode and are not active for all accounts. Give us a shout if you want us to enable audio and document embedding for your account.

And a special thanks to customers Chris Leebelt and Andy Renk for their feedback, which helped drive us in this direction!

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