June 11, 2009

Projects just got more flexible!

Brendan Schwartz

Founder, CTO

Update! We’ve changed the way projects and media work since this blog post was originally published. Most notably, Project Settings no longer exists (yay simplicity!). To disable your comments, please follow these instructions. Thanks!

Projects just got more flexible!

Check out the new Project Settings menu item for your projects. You can now turn comments off for a project and control exactly which media types your viewers can download.

While threaded discussion is central to collaborative uses of Wistia, there are numerous cases where you might want to disable comments for a particular project.

Say you’re sharing video of your new product with a group of sales prospects. Rather than create custom projects for each one, you can create one project, hide the project sharing list, and turn off comments. Each prospect will feel like they’re in their own personal screening room.

When you disable comments, your viewers won’t be able to comment on the project itself or on media contained within the project. All existing comments will be saved and hidden; if you enable comments in the future, the comments you had before will pop back into existence.

We’ve also added a project setting we refer to as Download Settings. This allows for very granular control over what types of files your viewers can download.

For instance, if you want all viewers to be able to download your PowerPoint presentation while keeping your master video files protected, you can enable downloading for documents and disable video downloads.

New projects start with all downloading disabled. Unless you explicitly grant people download permission, your original content (master files) will be locked down.

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