March 19, 2012

Say hello to IP Filtering and say goodbye to unclear stats!

Alyce Currier


One of the feature requests we’ve received most often is for IP Filtering within our analytics. Alongside Stats 2.0, it totally made sense to include this feature: with new analytics this powerful, you don’t want your numbers muddied by views from within your company, or views from your mom, or views from whomever you might conclude isn’t a serious prospect. Now, you can filter out however many IPs you’d like to make sure your stats are as clean as possible. You can truly know what your audience is thinking, whether you’ve got 30 viewers or 30,000. The system filters when it’s turned on and stops once you turn it off, so you can decide when you’re filtering and when you’re not (for example, during heavy testing periods).

To access IP Filtering now, go to Account Dashboard > Embed Settings and enter the IPs you’d like to exclude!

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