October 18, 2013

Shareable Play Counts

Alyce Currier


Today’s our last day at 50 Grove. We’re both sad and excited to leave our office of three years.

I wept uncontrollably over my last Diesel coffee. The walls are increasingly lacking in strange memorabilia. Lenny doesn’t really seem to care about anything. Meanwhile, Schnur decided to channel his heart and soul into his code today, a last love letter to 50 Grove.

And so, we’re happy to announce public play counts, available in the Social Bar for all of your videos.

Wait, what? Yeah, you heard us right. We just couldn’t help but add one small new thing to the Wistia app before departing from Somerville. Public play counts are a fun and simple way to show social proof to and let your audience know that people are enjoying your content.

You can add a public view count to any video by clicking Video Actions > Customize > Social Bar. You can go back and add this to any video you’ve embedded with Customize. (Keep in mind that the count could take half an hour to update.)

K, well, just heard a loud crash and a bark followed by Savage running down the hall yelling about how hangry he is and flailing his arms. Gotta go eat and drink everything in the fridge! #sofull

But yeah. Shareable play count. See you next week from Cambridge, MA!

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