The Wistia-HubSpot Integration

September 26, 2013

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Kristen Craft

Business Development

Brendan and Christopher have some very exciting news to share:

Oh yes, it’s finally happening. Wistia and HubSpot, working together in sweet harmony.

Once you enable the integration, all of your video viewing data from Wistia will start passing into HubSpot automatically.

Video heatmaps will appear in prospect timelines for your salespeople to reference. Here’s my timeline showing the videos I watched a few weeks ago on the Wistia website:

Smart lists can be made to identify and nurture prospects with specific viewing behavior. Here’s a list of all the prospects who watched 100% of our “Why Pay for Video Hosting” video.

Workflows can be customized based on prospects’ individual video activity. This workflow sends Ezra an alert every time a prospect with a high lead score also watches our “Product Overview” video.

Lead scoring can be customized to take video views into account. We increase lead scores by 10 points when someone watches our “Analytics Overview” video.

We’re super passionate about video analytics, but we know that video is best done in the context of your larger marketing efforts. So we’re thrilled to see these tools combine, letting you see and control how video interacts with the rest of your marketing.

Kristen Craft

Business Development

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