#WistiaChat Round Two: Producing Video on a Team of One

November 16, 2015

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Margot Mazur

Business Development

We did it! Thanks for helping make our second bi-weekly #WistiaChat was a great success! We spoke about mastering video production on a one-person team, including which tools to use, resources to bookmark, how to push for video in marketing, and more. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what was said, shared, gif’d, and advised.

You’re not alone — being a solo video producer isn’t uncommon.

Most of the folks who chimed in said they were their team’s lone video rangers. From video production to editing to animation, many video professionals work alone. If you’re lucky enough to be on a video team, you may be responsible for a specific section, separating yourself from the pack.

  • “Our whole company @wyzowl is all about making videos! The animated kind. When it comes to live action, it’s just me.” @ToriaPardoe

  • “Yup, across 12 global offices, I’m the video producer!” @PGKosmal

  • “My video team is the same as my development team. Me, myself, and I. We make a hell of a cup of coffee though.” @EliteYouTubePro

You can see what everyone said about their team numbers on Twitter.

The right equipment makes the job so much easier.

We all have that go-to piece of equipment we can’t live without. We heard some great equipment tips and must-buys from you all. Time to update that holiday wish list!

  • “Just 1 piece of equipment? It would have to be my ZoomH6 with the capsules.” @NikkiDPQ

  • “C100 Mk ii. Got it this past Spring — LOVE it. Runner up/Accessory: Rode NTG3. I can’t stand lav audio anymore.” @applehockey

  • “My @ZoomSound H5. Compact, versatile, provides me with great audio.” @rdubb205

  • “Been rocking a Canon 60D for about 5 years now. Fave lens: Sigma 18–35mm f1.8.” @gheedough

Get up on all the tools Wistians love on Twitter.

Sometimes we have to convince others that video is a powerful marketing tool.

If you work at a video production agency, you’re probably already in good hands. For those working in other industries, however, getting video recognized as a major player in marketing might take some strategic thinking. Here’s how Wistians bat for video on their teams:

  • “Prove its worth by showing how it affects sales and customer success. Link video engagement with actions taken on a page.” @inhouseproducer

  • ""[S]ell the idea of data driven nurturing. show the impact of video content as it pertains to the sales funnel." @Philwesson

  • “Make it, share it, track it. Create stories and engaging content that no-one else in the company can.” @SimpleLampoon

  • “Starting to dive deeper into a production/analytics system that is geared toward lead qualification.” @rdubb205

See everyone else’s strategies on Twitter.

Watching others’ videos can inspire your work.

We all learn from fellow folks in our field. Watching others’ work allows us to get ideas and inspiration for our future projects.

  • "Everything @fixingyourvideo and @CalebWojcik have been putting out is wonderful" @KevinKnechton

  • “Our team loved the video campaign ”At Home with RA" by @solarcity. Resulted in 61% increase in customers in a single quarter." @IndieWhip

  • “Just saw this red bull bmx video today. It’s unique and killer. kaleidoscope.redbull.com” @austin__saylor

See all of the inspiring videos Wistians mentioned on Twitter.

There’s a ton of places to go to for support.

In any field, a place to turn for advice is crucial to success. Lucky for us, there are many places on the web that can make our lives just a little easier. Here’s where Wistians go when they need a hand:

Check out other resources Wistians love on Twitter.

There’s a lot we wish we’d learned sooner.

We all start somewhere, but sometimes, we wish we would’ve started a little further along. If you’re a beginner in video production, here’s an opportunity to take some advice from folks who’ve been there.

  • “Don’t stop filming. You never know the impact you are doing until people ask you ’Why did you stop publishing?’” @joseimprime

  • “Do a radio edit first. Build the story w/ the audio and then focus on the visuals. You can always get more b-roll.” @DianaEMadrigal

  • “Just because you learned how to do a new transition or fade, does not mean you should use every one you know now.” @EliteYouTubePro

Get all the most important tips you need on Twitter.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our #WistiaChat! We hope you’ll join us in our Community where we have these conversations every single day. See you there and give us a holler at @wistia and @margotcodes.

November 16, 2015

Topic tags

Margot Mazur

Business Development

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