Introducing Talking Too Loud: A New Podcast for Innovators and Entrepreneurs by Wistia Studios

November 12, 2020

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

Growing up, I was always the loudest person in the room. Even as a kid, I would naturally jump into conversations about things I was excited about. Well, if you’ve seen or heard me present in the past, you know that not much has changed. I am still known as Wistia’s loudest talker, a title I hold with pride.

I’ve decided to take this quirk and share it with the world on my newest podcast, Talking Too Loud. I’ve teamed up with Sylvie Lubow, podcast producer extraordinaire, to tap into the minds of some of today’s most creative thinkers — entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

I started this exploration in 2019 with Brandwagon, a talk show where I chatted marketing with the brains behind successful brands. The show was a huge hit, but I wanted to explore the entrepreneurial spirit behind brands and experiment with a format that was more sustainable over time. Enter: podcasting.

We felt that a podcast was the perfect medium to connect with and expand our audience. Podcasts are naturally more passive and more convenient — you can listen while you’re doing chores, working, or driving. We wanted to give the largest audience possible the opportunity to enjoy, engage, and learn from these conversations without the lift of a full-scale production. This is the beauty of podcasts — they are so easy to execute. Really!

We were actually planning to launch Talking Too Loud earlier this year, but, as we all know, the world was flipped upside down. Almost overnight, our entire team transitioned to working from home indefinitely, so we had to pivot and figure out a process that would work in this new remote work. Luckily, podcasts are far easier to execute remotely, so with a few adjustments, we were able to move forward with launching the show from home.

“Talking Too Loud gives me the opportunity to have interesting conversations, learn from people doing extraordinary things, and ultimately bring more people along on the journey with me.”

Talking Too Loud gives me the opportunity to have interesting conversations, learn from people doing extraordinary things, and ultimately bring more people along on the journey with me. I’ve already interviewed a truly amazing range of guests, ranging from an award-winning chef and restaurateur, Joanne Chang, to fellow Co-Founders, like Nick Francis of Help Scout and Natalie Nagele of Wildbit, to award-winning producer and filmmaker, Lulu Wang. We’ve covered everything from how to build an inclusive and engaging company culture, the challenges of running a business during a global pandemic, and how more companies are embracing social responsibility as a fundamental value. It’s not all shop talk, though. We also talk about what gets these entrepreneurs talking too loud outside of work and the importance of having other passions.

Ultimately, I started this podcast because I love to tell stories, and I love having a platform that gives others a space to share their stories and experiences — that’s the most rewarding part.. It is one of my absolute favorite things to do. By showing there is a lot more nuance in how entrepreneurship and creative work come together, I hope that I can help share some of what I’ve learned with people who want to push themselves and grow.


Intrigued? I know you’ll love Talking Too Loud if you want to go on a journey of learning from people doing big and exciting things. Life and work can be messy behind the scenes, but exploring this reality is essential when it comes to calibrating your path.

What does the future hold for Talking Too Loud? I’m honestly not sure. But I know that we are always running into new opportunities and challenges here at Wistia, and I’m going to bet that there are smart, inspiring people we can learn from that would be great to have on the show.

November 12, 2020

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

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