Now on Amazon Prime: “One, Ten, One Hundred”

Alexa, play Wistia’s video series in the living room.

Ben Ruedlinger


If you’ve been hanging around the Wistia block, then you know we recently released our first video docuseries, One, Ten, One Hundred — an exploration of the complicated relationship between money and creativity.

Beyond its initial launch, there’s a not-so-little announcement we’ve been dying to make about the series. We’re super excited to let the world know that One, Ten, One Hundred is now available and ready for binge-watching on Amazon Prime. So, fluff up those couch pillows, pause your latest episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and see what it takes to make a great video in our latest series on Prime!

If you’re wondering why a video-hosting company would want to publish their content on another company’s platform (in addition to our own) we’re here to give you a little insight. When we created One, Ten, One Hundred, we knew we were asking a lot of our audience to watch all hour and forty minutes of it. This experience was going to take up more than a two-minute coffee break at your desk. We knew we had to go bigger — like, grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and curl up with a blanket in your living room bigger.

That’s why we decided to release the series on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime offers a top-notch viewing experience

We’re firm believers that a content’s format has a huge influence over the audience experience. For some people, watching on a phone or a laptop is just as good as watching on their TV. And for others, they will never watch long-form content on a phone or a laptop; they want a more cinematic experience. Yes, you can Airplay, or connect your computer to your TV. But, it was crucial for us to have the series on a platform with native streaming. Not only is Amazon great because of it’s streaming capability, but:

  • We knew that people already spend quite a bit of time on Amazon in their daily lives watching their favorite shows. So, it’s a good fit for our content to live alongside other documentaries and series of similar lengths.
  • We knew that we could host the series on other sites, but they didn’t quite offer the experience we wanted to provide for our audience (e.g., no ads or suggested content). We wanted to provide a distraction-free experience.
  • We’re able to offer our own series on Amazon for free (with a Prime membership) to the more than 100 million Amazon Prime Members — giving us the potential to reach a much wider audience.

You know we’re dying to see the results

As much as this was about the experience, it was also a lot about the experiment for us! Now, it’s worth mentioning that we want our main form of distribution to be on our website. Not only is the series hosted on our site, but we also have blog posts with content surrounding the series like how to invest in creativity, our ad distribution plan, and some stellar dialogue in the comments section to keep the conversation going. Plus, we also plan on releasing a blog post very soon that breaks down the performance of the $1,000, $10,000, and $100,000 Sandwich ads. So, stay tuned for that!

Oh! And you bet your bottom dollar we’ll be tracking metrics like views, visits, reviews, etc. on Amazon — and we’re dying to see if we can create content that will engage our audience at a time that they’re normally watching shows like Jack Ryan. We’ll have to wait and see!

We want to know what you think

The content businesses are making right now is truly impressive — and it’s really starting to blur the lines between what’s “marketing” and what’s purely entertainment. This evolution in content marketing, though, is something that keeps us excited to come to work every day and makes us grateful to be a part of such an amazing industry.

So, as we continue to invest in longer-form content, we’re curious: Is having One, Ten, One Hundred on Amazon useful for you? Is there a platform you’d rather see us on? Where do you love watching shows? We want to know!

Let us know what you think in the comments below. And don’t forget to grab some Cherry Garcia, get comfy on your couch, and head on over to Amazon to stream the entire series!


Don’t have time to watch it now? Amazon has an “add to your watchlist” feature so you won’t forget to tune in later.

Ben Ruedlinger


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