Using Video to Celebrate Company Culture

BambooHR uses internal videos to celebrate and preserve their wacky company culture.

Inspiration can strike in mysterious ways, and with a spontaneous (and slightly silly) in-house video production team, BambooHR is poised to act quickly when it does. On St. Patrick’s Day in 2016, one member of the team, Matt Morrell, showed up at the office with an Irish tin whistle. Within a few hours, the video was born, and they were sharing it with the rest of the company.

BambooHR’s creative team lead, Brenton Williamson, said they wanted to make their teammates smile and celebrate their company’s culture. Who doesn’t love being serenaded by a tin whistle?

In their own words:

“One of our four company objectives this year was to maintain our company culture. This type of content puts a smile on people’s faces. It reminds them that they work at a fun place where creativity is not only welcomed, but also celebrated. Our 3-person video team, and 2 members of the creative team (the dancer and tin whistler), helped out on this. The biggest challenge was merging the on-set tin whistle sound with the enhanced studio version. This spontaneous video had a 2-hour turnaround, so we weren’t too worried about metrics. It got 85% engagement from our company and a significant number of rewatches, even though a lot of our internal videos come closer to 90%. But we got a lot of smiles and a few giggles, so we consider it a success.
Brenton Williamson
Creative Team Lead, BambooHR