How Casper Describes their Mattress Design

Casper highlights their dedication to detail and explains the science behind their design.

Casper proudly proclaims their products are ’obsessively engineered for outrageous comfort.' When they redesigned their website, they wanted that obsession to come through.

They settled on creating three videos, one for each of their product lines — mattresses, pillows, and sheets. Each video features their Chief Product Officer, Jeff Chapin, talking about the detailed design process. With hundreds of thousands of views, this video has positively influenced many buyers.


“The three videos were meant to be deeper dives into the design process of the Casper mattress, pillow, and sheets. We wanted to show the backstory and thinking behind each product, as well as give a voice to our product design team. Using video allowed us to talk about our design process in a relatable and jargon-free way that a diagram or a graphic just can’t. It’s better to show rather than tell when it comes to explaining design, and Jeff is skilled at conveying the thinking and iteration that goes into making a Casper product.
Huy Vu
Creative Director, Casper