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Steve & Kate's Camp

Communicating an Exceptional Camp Experience

Steve & Kate's Camp advertises their camp with this engaging and authentic homepage video

The marketing team at Steve & Kate’s Camp felt there was no better way to convey what their camp was all about than to use a video featuring not only the faces, but also the true voices of their campers. That’s why the video takes up their entire homepage. It’s easy to see that Steve & Kate’s Camp offers a uniquely exciting experience for children.

In their own words:

“This video is meant to be one’s first introduction to what our company and camp is all about, and since we are a kids day camp, what better way to tell our story than through the voices of our campers! Rather than using a scripted voiceover, we pulled from interviews with many children about their experience at our camp. The visuals are all also taken from the camp and are designed to show the energy, variety, excitement, and activity offerings that support the dialogue from the kids. This video has been viewed more than 15,000 times and has a strong engagement rate. We believe that it’s successful because of its engaging visuals and honest voice.”
David White
Videographer, Steve & Kate’s Camp